Sunday, 29 May 2011

Snuffles in Rabbits

In this post I will tell you all about snuffles in rabbits.

What is it? Cause?

Snuffles in rabbits is a respiratory disease which may often become fatal if left untreated. Signs may be mild or severe.


The signs of snuffles in rabbits vary but are usually associated with the upper respiratory tract. The bunnies will usually develop a watery nasal discharge, followed by sneezing and then a thick, whitish/yellowish nasal discharge. 

They will often make a loud snuffling or snoring sound from all of the fluid and mucus in their nasal tracts. From bunnies using their front paws to clean themselves, you may notice discharge or mats on the inside of their front paws. 

This illness could travel to their eye's and become conjunctivitis or end up in their ears and become an ear infection. This could lead to becoming another illness called wry neck (a twisting of the neck). Infection may clear up in the nose but stay in the ears. 


This illness is generally treated with anti-biotics for about 15-30 days. If an illness is very mild and your bunny has a strong immune system, they will not need anything and will recover on their own. If the infection has lasted for quite a while without any treatment, this illness could then become very fatal. Some animals may only get this for a short amount of time, but have a sinus infection. that needs long tern or lifetime treatment. 


Snuffles in rabbits is a very contagious disease and can be difficult to treat. You have to keep their hutch clean and make sure they have no contact with other bunnies until the illness is completely gone. This is why you should pick a healthy bunny when you are choosing from a pet shop. Make sure that they have no snuffles or any type of illness. 

Make sure to reduce any stress that your pet may have. Some common causes of stress in bunnies is: poor nutrition, improper housing, overcrowding, chilling, or aggression from another rabbit. From snuffles in rabbits being so contagious, any bunny owners have to be aware and ready to seek some veterinary help as soon as you can.

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