Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Rabbit Bonding-Day 1

When you start doing rabbit bonding. You may want to look out for a few things. I will tell you about the equipment you need and what I did when I first started bonding 2 of my male rabbits.


1) An old shoe that you can use to break up fights
2) A squirty bottle that you can use to stop any fights that are about to happen
3) A neutral area where there isn't each others scents yet such as in a bathtub or a new place
4) Some sort of positive thing such as treats that are good for them to have
5) Each rabbit on a lead if you have any

Day 1

Today was more of an introduction day where we just let them meet each other. This is a good way to start your rabbit bonding. We let them see that each other was there and let them smell each other by petting one and then the other. You don't want to do too much on the first day because they won't necessarily get on. We had them out for about half an hour. You would want to have them out for at least 20 minutes a day. The more that you have them out, the less time overall it will take for them to be very good buddies.

Helpful Tips

When doing any rabbit bonding, it is easier with a male and a female since they get along better.

Two males are harder because they are very dominant and don't get along very easily.

Here are some products which you can use to help you bond your bunnies!

If you have any questions or concerns about rabbit bonding, please comment on this post.

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