Getting a Pet Rabbit - Health Check

Getting a pet rabbit can be an exciting day. When choosing your bunny check for these 10 things in the rabbis health:

1) Have a look at the overall body condition. They should be neither fat nor thin without any swellings.

2) Their coat should be well groomed without any bald patches. Look for soiling around the rear end, this may indicate that they have a problem with diarrhoea.

3) Look at the ears, they should be pink without any discharge and undamaged ear flaps.

4) Their eyes should be bright and free of discharge. Make sure their is no signs of wetness or tear stains around the eyes.

5) Look at the nose to make sure it is free of discharge.

6) try to look at the teeth, they shouldn't be overgrown and should be well aligned. Make sure their is no matted or wet fur under the chin.

7) Listen to the rabbits breathing, it should be quiet and not laboured.

8) Watch them hop around. Their should be no signs of lameness, stiffness or reluctance to move around.

9) Look at where they are being kept in. Is it quite clean and uncrowded? If yes their is less exposure to stress and disease.

10) Look at their reaction to people. You should generally pick a rabbit that is relatively calm about being approached and petted.

When you are getting a pet rabbit, it is better if they involve most of these things because they will most likely be free of disease, quite calm around humans and energetic!