Monday, 23 May 2011

Rabbit Bonding-Day 5

Here is a short summary of what I have done for my rabbit bonding today.

Day 5

Today I had them out in the garden, in this pen out of spare wood that I had put together. It was quite big and we put some of their toys in with them. We had them off of their leads to see what they would do together. They started off fine with Pipkin hopping around and Pumpkin following him from time to time. This was very cute! They did this for about 30 minutes. Then their was a fight.

Pumpkin had been right in front of Pipkin. Then Pipkin had nudged Pumpkin really hard as in saying to him to groom him but Pumpkin didn't take it that way. So he turned round and started to chase and nip Pipkin so he did the same. Some fur was pulled out in clumps. We went to separate them and pick them up but all they did was run away from us and try to fight with each other. We caught them in about a minute and luckily there was no serious injuries.

If your bunnies do this when you are doing any rabbit bonding, then make sure to separate them as soon as possible. We had them on top of the hutch for a minute but I didn't feel very safe doing this so they went back into their hutches.

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If you have any questions or concerns about rabbit bonding, comment on this post.

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