Sunday, 1 May 2011

Rabbits Digestive System

A rabbits digestive system is very important for when they eat. Unlike most animals, bunnies are unable to throw-up. This is because they have no muscle to. In the contents below, I will tell you how a rabbits digestive system works.

The food that your bunny eats, goes into its stomach. The stomach stores the food and in here it is sterilized.

The contents is then moved into the small intestine. Whilst it is here, 90% of the protein, sugar and starches are absorbed from the food. The undigested, fibrous food proceeds on and is sorted. The fiber goes into the colon forming hard waste. The rest of the food is ready for digestion and goes into the cecum. The cecum is larger then the stomach.

The hard waste that has gone passed the cecum is moved through the colon in circular motions and forms perfectly round hard balls.

On either side of the anus there is a scent gland. Your bunnies scent goes onto the round waste as it passes. They will use these to mark their territory.

The cecum is a complicated organ that re-digests food. In here, it is filled with enzymes and bacteria used to break down food. Every 3-8 hours, the cecum contracts and forces the contents back into the colon where it is then coated in mucus. Then this comes out there anus. This looks like a clump of grapes as well as very soft and squishy. This is called "cecotrophes" and you may find that your bunny will eat these. This will normally happen at night. The reason that they eat the cecotrophes is because they can get more nutrients out of it. 

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That is how your rabbits digestive system works. If you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below.

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