Saturday, 7 May 2011

New Baby Rabbit

New baby rabbits require lots of loving care weather they have just been born or are very young and you are buying them. In the contents below I will tell you all about the care that they will require.


These cute bunnies will require a nutritious diet. The best way to do this, is to give them good pellets, lots of hay(alfalfa hay is probably the best) along with fresh, clean water for them to drink. The best pellets to give them is ones with 20% or more crude fiber. The hay is good to keep their teeth short and is good for them to make a bed in when it gets colder. If they are very young (just born) they will drink milk from their mum for the first 7 weeks. when it has been about 7 weeks, you can start gradually introducing them to new foods.


When rabbits are around 8 weeks old (2months old), they may begin to have mental stimulation where they need to use their mind to solve things or chuck a toy around. If they don't, they may become bored and they can die of boredom. To find suitable toys for them, you need to kind of experiment. You can do this by seeing if they will play with a small ball or chuck around a mall block of wood. To help you find more toys to give your bunny, they like to throw, nudge, jump, flip, and hop on things. They might also like to do something else to toys but you just have to watch them closely to see what they enjoy doing. 


Bunnies need to have exercise to keep them healthier. You can do this by letting them out in there enclosed run or let them hop around the garden WITH supervision. Just be aware of any predators that may enter your garden. If you keep your rabbit indoors, you could let them out in a open topped run or loose in your house as long as it is bunny proof. 

When they are outside in there run or indoors, there will be many things that you can do with them. To start off with, you could teach your bunny their name. All you do to teach them this is say their name every time that you walk past or see them. If you wanted them to come up to you when you say their name, is make sure you haven't fed them before you go out there. Let them out in the run and have some of their food with you so that they know you have it. Go about a step or 2 in-front of them and say their name. If they come up to you, give them a piece of food. When they start coming up to you when you say their name to get the food, start going back a step or 2. You can repeat this as much as you want. Eventually they will just come up to you when you say their name. 

Clicker training is another thing that you can do with your bunny.

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