Thursday, 1 September 2011

Rabbit Bonding Day 1

We have just had Pipkin and Pumpkin in the garden and we were bonding them in the paddling pool (it is empty! Also the floor won't rip easily). There is some bunny behavior which I have found out that it is positive in this video. I have been told that when they have their heads under each other it means that they are asking to be groomed and seeing who the alpha buck is.

If your bunnies start to groom each other, I think this is also a good sign. Pipkin and Pumpkin began to do this a bit today but not that much. Pumpkin was behind Pipkin and just randomly decided to start grooming it a bit! Too bad that we didn't get that bit on video!

I think they get on quite well its just that I sometimes get a bit worried when I have them out because I think that they are going to start to fight. I will have them off of their leads in the future seeing as they get on alright and we accidentally left Pipkin's harness on him and he has chewed it so it is ALMOST wrecked.

I will be posting all about my rabbit bonding experiences as it may help some people who are planning on bonding their rabbits. The video below is of me recently with the Pipkin and Pumpkin to show you a bit about how they act around each other. Looking at some other peoples videos about bonding, they all seem to be a bit different.

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