Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Ringworm in Rabbits

Ringworm in rabbits is just one of them things that your rabbit may come across. If you are wondering, humans can catch it. In the information below, I will tell you all about ringworm in rabbits.

How it Started

Although it is not a worm it is a fungus, it still needs to be properly treated. The fungus that causes this is usually a variety called Trichophyton. This is also quite uncommon for bunnies to get but it is usually house bunnies that get it because they are around other animals that could have this. They normally catch it from objects and other animals through the air from the fungi spores


Here are some of the symptoms from this fungi:

Hair loss in affected area

round ring shape from fungi

dry, swollen area

common areas affected are:

legs, feet and head


Usually bunnies affected will recover on their own, but if you did need any treatment you might be told by a vet to use an ointment. This helps your bunny to stop itching the sore area. If they did scratch it quite a bit, they could get some further issues.


Some ways to prevent this is by having a clean environment (making sure that anywhere your bunny has went has been cleaned thoroughly), the hutch given a good clean. Until this is fully treated, keep your bunny away from any other animals and make sure to give your hands a good wash afterwords. Make sure that you stay clean as well.

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If you have any questions or concerns about ringworm in rabbits, comment on this post.

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