Getting a Pet Rabbit - Personality Check

When you are first getting a pet rabbit, you might want to know a bit about their personality. In young rabbits you can't always tell though. Their personality is more how you treat them but their are some genetic characteristics. Here are some ways to get to know their personality:

1) Ask the current owner of the bunny about its personality. whoever you get your bunny from could lie and if you get a bunny from a pets shop, the people working their might not know much about them.

2) Before you hold them, watch their actions. Do they act shy or aggressive to other rabbits? Ideally, you would want a rabbit that is friendly and curious in nature. You wouldn't really want a rabbit that cowers in the corner or bites you anytime you go near  it.

3) If you can, place your hand into the cage. Does the rabbit approach your hand or run away from it?
 Look for the rabbit that comes up to see your hand but doesn't bite it.

4) Now pick the bunny you have in mind to buy. Hold them against your chest. Are they trying to squirm away? Now calmly stroke this bunny. How are they reacting? Are they nervous or relaxed? Normally if a bunnies eye's look bulged out it means that they are not relaxed.

5) Find an appropriate spot on the floor and place this bunny there. Leave them to run around and observe their behavior. Most things will be just common sense! If the rabbit seems happy and friendly, this means that they have a very nice personality. 

After all of this, you SHOULD be left with some friendly and healthy rabbits! Now all you have to do is pick your favorite rabbit! This is what I recommend you to do when you are getting your pet rabbit.