Monday, 2 May 2011

Rabbit Spaying

Rabbit spaying is an operation that the female bunnies can get. I would recommend getting this for your bunny because there are lots of benefits from this. Read the following to find out what they are.

Prevents them getting pregnant. If they aren't spayed and have an male who isn't neutered, in a year they can have up to 13 litters in a year which is between 2-10 babies every litter. They will also not get any false pregnancies as well. A false pregnancy is where a female rabbit thinks that she is going to have a litter, but doesn't.

 Uterine adenocarcinoma will quickly spread to other organs in their body such as the liver and lungs. It isn't treatable once it reaches this point. Rarely, females under the age of 2 get this disease so this is the best time to get the operation before anything bad starts to develop. Cancer is the most popular disease found in the uterus, but other diseases are also found such as pyometra. This is where the uterus is infected and filled with pus. Uterine aneurism is another and is where the uterus is filled with blood. Endometritis is another and is inflamed uterine lining. All of these are more common for bunnies over the age of 2 years old.

Their behavior can change as well after the operation. They will become a bit calmer then what they were. Some rabbits have been known to be a lovely, snugly, friendly bunny. I have also heard of a bunny who seems to bite anyone when they come near them, but that is unlikely to happen.

A few weeks after the operation, they are able to share a hutch with another female or male bunny. At first they will try to be the dominant rabbit, but after a while this should go away. From what I have been told, a male and a female will get on best. 

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This is all of the benefits and preventions for rabbit spaying. If you have any questions or concerns, comment on the post below.

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