Monday, 2 May 2011

Rabbit Neutering

Rabbit neutering is something that rabbit pet owners should consider. This is just for the males because spaying is for the females. By doing this, they can live a longer and healthier life if they aren't breeding. I will tell you about the benefits of rabbit neutering.

Your bunny will most likely stop spraying his wee on everything. This is good because you will find that he might  be a bit neater then before. After my bunny Pumpkin was neutered, I found that he was calmer and neater by mainly using the toilet in one corner.

If your male bunny was aggressive before the operation, he most likely won't be afterwords. When they are babies they were probably easy to handle. But when they get a bit older, they could completely changed and become aggressive. This is their way of learning how to protect themselves from danger in the wild. Just be careful if they are sharing a hutch with another rabbit at the time. Like what happened with my 3 male rabbits they were all together and friendly, then about a month later, they all wanted to kill each other.

Here are some products for your bunny which I thought you may like or find interesting, take a look!

This is why I found rabbit neutering very good because you can enjoy spending good time with your bunny. If you have any questions or concerns, please comment on the link below.

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