Thursday, 29 December 2011

Homemade rabbit treats - recipe 2

Here is another homemade rabbit treat recipe which I thought that you may like. It is very easy to make and I would say is around 3-4 servings. Make sure that you keep this refrigerated and use up within 5 days. These are completely natural ingredients and involve minimum effort. Here is the recipe:


1 banana
2 box's of raisins
1 cup of hay
with a sprig  of rosemary


1) Start by chopping up and pureeing your banana and putting this into a bowl.

2) add in all the raisins and the parts off of the stalk of rosemary (you could also cut up the stalk an put it into this as well)
3)If you want, you could cut up your hay into smaller parts about an inch or 2 long and add this into the mixture in the bowl. I didn't chop up the hay but it would be better if you did!

 4) This now complete! You can put this into a tub and have it ready to feed your bunny or bunnies! Remember to keep refrigerated! 
This is the simple recipe which I have made and I hope that you try it for your bunny. If you do, tell me your thoughts about it!

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