Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Rabbit Lifespan

How long is a rabbits lifespan is a general question that most people ask. This usually depends on the breed. Here is all different breeds and the average age they live till:

Angora- 5+ years

Belgian Hare- 5+ years

British Giant-5+ years but generally shorter life span

Dutch- 5-8 years

English-5+ years

Flemish-5+ years

Fox-5-10 years

Harlequin-5+ years

Havana-5-8 years

Himalayan-8+ years

Lionhead- 7-9 years

Lop-5+ years

Netherland Dwarf-7+ years

New Zealand- 5-6 years

Polish-7-10 years

Rex-5-11 years

Satin-8-10 years

Silver-8+ years around

Tan-8-10 years

Overall the average rabbits lifespan is on average 12-15 years old. If you don't know what breed your bunny is, use this average age. 

If you have had a bunny and it has not lived for that long, this could have been from boredom, not the right diet, or anything else relating to your bunny. Make sure to give your bunny the best food you can find as well as the proper exercise and mental stimulation.This will help to keep them living longer. If they gain any weight and get fat, this will shorten their life span as well.
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