Sunday, 4 December 2011

Rabbit Water Bottles

Rabbit water bottles are quite important. If you have an outdoor bunny, in the winter they will freeze so you need to thaw them out and in the summer, this will overheat so you will need to give them some nice cold, clean aqua. Like anything else, they need to have some liquid in them.

In the summer time, these containers will get algae forming on the inside. This is from the suns light beaming onto the water bottles. It is very simple to clean. All you have to do is use a bottle brush. This is also known as a baby bottle brush.

Before cleaning the container:

During cleaning:

After cleaning:

Algae isn't bad for your rabbit to have in the bottle, but-like any animals including humans- much prefers to drink nice, fresh, clean aqua.

In the winter time, the bottles will freeze which prevents them to drink. This is also very simple to sort out. You just rinse it out with hot water until all of the ice has gone, then you fill it up with mild water. I hope this post helps! If you are interested take a look at the bunny products below:

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