Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Rabbit Agility

You may be thinking "What is rabbit agility!?" Well I am here to tell you all about it. If you have heard of dog agility before then you might have some idea of what rabbit agility is. This is really similar to what dogs do, although it is on a much smaller scale and the jumps are mainly the same but there are some different ones.

The way in which you can come first is completing the circuit without your bunny knocking over any jumps and doing this is in the fastest time. This can be a very entertaining sport for people very keen on bunny exercise, rabbit agility along with loving to spend many hours of fun and training with their bunny!

This species is more intelligent then what you may have expected. They have been easily litter trained like other domestic animals along with being capable of performing a trick for a treat! That is after MUCH practice of course!

Having a good breed

All that I mean by having a good breed is that you make sure to pick a breed which is very active and not too large. The large breeds which I have heard people not suggest to race is the breeds like the English Lop as it has large ears which could be stepped on by himself as he is running and their is a possibility that his/her ears could get caught in an obstacle or jump. This could result in a very hurt bunny.

I have also heard that it is not a good idea to use angora bunnies in OUTDOOR races as their fur is long and could easily pick up many twigs, leaves or anything else in the grass, which means that this is a danger as well. People have said that this breed has done quite well in indoor events though.

I personally think that people are recommending you to have breeds such as the dutch bunny or any which may be this size, with this sort of fur, along with being quite active like them. I am not saying that you should but a dutch bunny just because of this, also I am NOT saying that they are the best, I am just saying that they fir the description for ONE of the better types. You may know of another breed which does quite well in competitions as well though.

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I hope this post helped you to have a much better understanding about rabbit agility!I would love to know if anyone is involved in any!

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