Friday, 2 December 2011

Coccidiosis in Rabbits

Coccidiosis in rabbits is a disease not only bunnies but other animals as well. This usually is a common disease among dogs as well as bunnies. There is nine species of this disease and 1 effect the liver whilst the other 8 are caused in the intestine. Younger bunnies are at more of a risk and most likely to be badly infected.

This can be spread by a bunny eat the eggs of the parasite which have been excreted by another bunny that is infected. These can remain active for over a year. This is normally from them eating vegetables or grass which a wild bunny that is infected has touched/excreted on. Adult bunnies can often be passive carriers and show no symptoms. If you are thinking about putting in any baby bunny in with an older one, you may want to check if they have any diseases first.

 Symptoms - The symptoms of coccidiosis in rabbits are: 

diarrhea, rapid/very quick wieght loss, a bloated stomach, a rough coat and tremors.

Prevention/ Treatment - If you have an infected bunny, make sure that you keep them isolated (on their own) and their hutch very thoroughly cleaned out and kept clean. If this is caught at an early enough stage, it can be treated properly. Normally the stomach lining is permanently damaged and cannot be fixed which causes them not to be able to ingest nutrients. This can end up fatal so make sure that you know properly what to do.  

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I hope that this post about coccidiosis in rabbits was useful to you so you now have a better understanding!

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