Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Rabbit Toys

Rabbit toys are a big part of your bunnies life. If you don't provide them with any they could die of boredom and if they are in your house, might chew household objects. If you give your bunny some rabbit toys, they will most likely stop chewing your furniture.

Mental Stimulation...........
Without your bunny having anything challenging to do, they will become bored epically if they have no non-human friends to keep them company. This isolation can often lead to depression and/or destructiveness. This includes injured (disabled) and old bunnies that need a nice environment where they can do more then eat and sleep. 

Physical Exercise.............
 You need to provide your bunny with safe activities to keep their mind and body in shape. These can be things to climb on, crawl under, hop on, dig into and chew on. Without any of these, they will become fat and possibly depressed. This is why they might start chewing your furniture. My bunnies enjoy to freely hop around the garden nibbling at the grass. The only problem with that is you need to make sure that there is no escape routes in the garden.

How to Choose Rabbit Toys...............
From all bunnies being different, they will all like and dislike different things. They will also use the rabbit toys differently then each other such as one of them might nudge a ball and another will chuck  it around. Some rabbit toys are more complex then others which makes the costs vary. But overall your bunny won't mind what rabbit toys you give them. Just make sure you give them something! As long as they enjoy the rabbit toys you give them, then they should be happy. They are usually only interested in an activity that will occupy them and their mind for a long time. It is a good idea to give  your bunny a variety of rabbit toys so they stay occupied and don't get bored of playing with the same rabbit toys everyday. 

When you provide your bunnies with these objects, it doesn't mean that you can leave them alone for 8 hours without supervision if you go out for the day. You might come home and your house is almost turned upside down. You shouldn't give them to much freedom at an early age. You can make a schedule when you give your rabbit a small amount of freedom and in that time you can build trust and learn their ways. When they start aging and have been spayed or neutered, you may find that they are more behaved and you can give them more freedom but make sure you don't give them too much!

Here are some rabbit products which I thought that you may like. Have a look if your interested!

Here are some pictures of me with my bunny. This can help you come up with ideas of what to do with your bun!


  1. Love the detailed information you provide on keeping bunnies. Great for first time rabbit owners. Keep up the good work!