Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Canker in Rabbits

Canker in rabbits can be very painful and distressful for your bunny. make sure to check ears regularly for any redness or irritation. They can get this from ear mites which causes your bunny to scratch his ears which then will develop a brownish crust in their ear (or ears) which is kind of like a scab.

Symptoms -

These seem very easy to spot and recognize in your bunny as they are very obvious. They are:
-continuously scratching ear(s) with back feet
-constantly shaking head and ears
-a scaly or brownish crust which can be in one or both ears.
This can be visible by having a look in their ears. 

treatment and prevention -

The prevention is very simple. You can either go and get an injection for your bunny which will help or you can get some anti-biotics which will also help. There is the option of having both which I personally think is quite a reasonable thing to do. Something which may be necessary to use is anti-inflammatory and pain relief anti-biotics.If this is some very severe cases, you may need to take a visit to the vets for them to soften and and remove this scabbing in the ears.

If your bunny ever catches this or you just generally want to keep them from getting this, you can check regularly in their ears (maybe weekly) for any redness or irritation and to have it treated at the first sight. You will also need to keep their living environment nice and clean which will help to prevent ear mites.

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I hope that this post about canker in rabbits helped your understanding about it. Please comment below if you have anything to say about canker in rabbits.

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