Saturday, 26 November 2011

Bloat in Rabbits

Bloat in rabbits has been said to be quite familiar to a breeder. This is when they are 'blown up' from the large quantity of gas which is in the abdomen.

There seems to be many causes for how this happens, such as feeding your bunny too much Lucerne or clover.

the signs for bloat in rabbits is: sitting huddled up in a corner very inactive. Their coat looking very dull and eyes glazed. Their abdomen will appear very swollen and grinding their teeth loudly in pain. Occasionally they will be very thirsty and drink LOTS of water.They will often die a few days after because of having too much pressure on lungs and heart.

For the cause there hasn't been a main one traced although there is one from feeding your bunny too much Lucerne or clover.

Their isn't a reliable treatment discovered yet. There are some ways to help your bunny though. These are to make your bunny exercise as this can help and to massage with good liniment (produces a slight irritation on belly) has been said to help. Some use of antibiotics has reduced the amount of bloat by 75%.

If this is caused by your bunny eating frozen food, this can cause some damage and has been said that there is no treatment available.

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I hope this post helps you to have a much better understanding about bloat in rabbits.

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