Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Obesity in rabbits

Obesity in rabbits seems to be coming more and more common as more people are getting pet bunnies and are overfeeding them (or giving them an improper diet). Most bunnies that are obese are usually around 20-40% overweight. This causes them not to function properly. Some different breeds of bunnies are more at risk then others.

An easy way to check if they are overweight is to put them straight and feel where their ribs are. If you can feel them, then they are a good weight (just make sure that their not underweight). If not then you know that they are overweight so just think about what you have been feeding them and how much they have been let out to run around and possibly nibble on the grass if you are outside.

Also, if your rabbit is tired a lot and have some difficulty breathing, you may want to look into it as these are some signs of your bunny being overweight.

Some of the causes are being in their cage o hutch too much (in other words not being let out). As well as being over fed. This could be from giving them large quantities or you not having a very descent pellets. There should be at least 21% crude fiber in their pellets. Some of the pellets will say the amount on the bag which is sometimes for every 5 pounds of your rabbits feed them (like a tablespoon or something).

You have to make sure that your rabbit is getting the proper diet which is made up of mainly hay, then around a handful of vegetables, a small amount of pellets and only A FEW treats.

The treats part can be quite a common part that people get wrong as they think 'These treats are only small, if I give him quite a few he will be fine'. But the problem is they will give them that many everyday which makes it worse because you should only occasionally give these to them. If you do give them treats, use the healthier one which are the dried vegetable ones.

Exercise is another crucial part. This gives them time to stretch their legs and hop around freely. Click on the link exercise for more information.

Here are some bunny products which you may find interesting, click the pictures below for more information!

I hope this post helped you get a better idea about obesity in rabbits and that you make sure your rabbit is having lots of exercise and a very good, healthy diet.

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