Thursday, 24 November 2011

How to hold your rabbit

Have you ever wanted to hold your rabbit with him feeling comfortable and not squirm? If you do, here's how:

Usually their not very KEEN on being snuggled by anyone (especially when it isn't properly). Also, they don't exactly like being off 'ground level' when they don't have anything solid to stand on. This doesn't mean you.

When you reach to pick them up, they might become scared or afraid as they may think of you as a predator (maybe a hawk or something) coming to kill them. That is when some aggressive bunnies will go to bite you. It will take some time for them to get used to being 'handled' by you.

You pick them up with both of your hands. One of them will be underneath their chest and (if possible) have you thumb above their shoulder. The other hand will be supporting their bottom. Have their back legs tucked in a bit when you pick them up this way. This will prevent them kicking. Use this way to carry them a short distance (like putting them into their hutch).

For carrying them longer distances, do the same but bring them up to against your chest. Here there is 2 positions that you can hold them in. One of them is by holding them up vertically with one  hand supporting their bottom and the other across their back.The other one is holding them horizontally with one arm underneath them and the  other securing them onto you so you can't drop them.

The vertical one is usually used for small/smaller bunnies. I prefer to hold mine horizontally as that is how I feel safer picking them up and they don't try to jump off that way as much.

If your bunny does go to jump out of your arms, lower yourself to the ground and let them hop off as then they are almost touching the floor before they jump and they won't get injured.

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If you need any advice on how to hold your rabbit, comment on this post.

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