Sunday, 27 November 2011

E coli in Rabbits

E coli (eschericha coli) in rabbits can end up resulting in death and any bunny owner should and needs to be aware of. This bacteria is found in practically all mammals and birds over the world. This is caused by intestinal bacteria which produces a disease. This can lead to health problems which is from simple upset stomachs to severe diarrhea with dehydration leading your bunny to death.

This usually happens during the weaning process where you are getting your bunny to eat pellets and drink water instead of just having its mothers milk. It is most dangerous at this time as the mothers milk was good for keeping diseases away and their pellets won't have that.

This will be disrupting their system and e coli can take over quickly. At this point they won't be able to absorb nutrients properly and will lose quite a bit a water. You may have heard somewhere that people can catch e coli which can  happen quite quicklly. These are the type of things thatyou need to be aware of so make sure that if you bunny ever catches this that you find out how to handle them and what you will need to do.

Symptoms -  Th symptoms would include diarrhea and they may be acting a bit odd. Make sure not to mistake this for any other diseases.

Treatments - Luckily there are some treatments but are not 100% guaranteed to cure your bun. Some antibiotics have worked most of the time so you may want to use that if your bunny catches it. Something to consider is getting your bunny a vaccination against e coli which has been said is better and more efficient. Also if you get the vaccination there will be less of a chance of getting it which will make life for your bunny much, much better!

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Just remember that e coli is a deadly disease and should be treated at the first symptoms.

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