Friday, 25 November 2011

Vaccinations for Rabbits

Vaccinations for rabbits can be very important as there are some deadly diseases which can kill them. Many people strongly think that they should be vaccinated for myxomatosis and VHD (viral heamorrhagic disease) which is a good idea. These are what they can be vaccinated for which many bunnies die of.

When they get the vaccination, they will become immune but there is still a small chance that they will catch it. The only difference is that they have a better chance of recovering and will recover much better. These vaccinations may be required for getting pet insurance, holiday boarding, or attending events (this could be bunny hopping).

This is mainly aimed at UK bunny owners as there is a higher risk. This may not be available in places such as USA, but if it is available you may want to consider getting these vaccinations for rabbits.

The earliest age that your bunny can get vaccinated against these lethal diseases (myxomatosis and VHD)  is at 6 weeks old. After you have the first vaccination, depending on the risk in your area, you will need either every 6 months or yearly. This costs £10-20 for each one.

Here are some bunny products that I thought you may be interested in! Click the pictures below for more information!

To protect you bunny so their not at risk as much.....keep them vaccinated. If you can in your area, make sure you get these vaccinations for rabbits.

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