Saturday, 18 February 2012

Clicker Training a Rabbit

Clicker training a rabbit will require much training and hard work. By doing this you can teach your bunny many useful skills which you can use later on when you are either in the garden and playing a game, or when you are going to compete your bunny in either bunny agility or bunny hopping. These events are most popular in the United Kingdom, Germany and Scandinavia. I personally think that this is something worth doing!

All you need to do this is:
  • a clicker (this can be purchased at pet shops or online)
  • as well as a small amount of treats to use (try to get more of the natural ingredient ones)
You can start off simple at first such as teaching your bunny to come when their name is called. What you would do for this is be a few steps away kneeling facing them and call his/her name. Whilst you are doing this get a treat out and show it to them.

Once they realize, they will probably hop over to you and try and get the treat. When they are by you, click the click and reward them with a treat! Repeat this until you have used up all of them treats, but when they are getting used to it, go a few steps further back and then do it. If you want you can continue practicing with them without treats and clicking the clicker and giving them a bit of a fuss. You don't want them to become obese!

When you feel you can move on from this, you can start getting them to hop over a large branch or something like that so you can just use it like a jump. What you would do here is stand at the other side of the jump and call them over.

At first they will need a bit of persuading, but once they get the hang of it, it is much easier. You would click the clicker and reward them with a treat when they jump over it successfully! I remember when I tried this with my bunny and it went very well!

I'm sure that after you have done these two exercises of clicker training a rabbit successfully, you will be able to think of ones on your own making higher jumps or buying a small hoop and getting them to jump through that!

Here are some bunny product which I thought that you might be interested in! Click the pictures below for more information!

I hope that this post about clicker training a rabbit helps you to train yours!

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