Thursday, 16 February 2012

Rabbit Hopping

Right now you may be thinking "This is the same as bunny agility!". These are quite different as in the agility you will travel round a course as fast as you can trying to get the best time without knocking over any obstacles. In rabbit hopping, you are ONLY doing jumping and is also known as show jumping. Also agility is commonly off the leash whilst the hopping is on a leash. I hope that you now know the difference and now I will tell you more about rabbit hopping.

This is very popular in Scandinavia, the UK and Germany. There can be a competition every week along with up to 200 competitors. Some of the lengths and heights in which these creatures jump can be amazing! Even if you didn't want to compete straight away, I would recommend that you go to watch at least one competition so you can see what it is all about.

The jumps which your bunny goes over can vary, and they may be going over a series of different shaped and sized jumps or just one large one. The idea of this, is you bunny to jump far and high.

Even though these two events are different, they will both be focusing on your bunnies agility and they work the same way. The one with the least faults and the quckest time wins!

If you were ever going to start doing either of these events, I would suggest that you lead train your bunny and you could do some clicker training work as well. This would require much training and hard work, so you need to remember to this everyday to keep your bunnies abilities very high. You will also need to find out when events in your area/region are taking place and where.

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I hope that this post helped you to gain more information about rabbit hopping and how it is different from the bunny agility!

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