Thursday, 30 May 2013

Why Rabbits Bite

There are a few reasons for why rabbits bite. In this post, I am going to tell you all about it.

With some cases your bunny may just like to nibble and bite things. This isn't always the case though. Another reason is that your bunny may be slightly aggressive, yet the reason they may be like that is because your breaking their 'bunny rules'.

When rabbits bite you, it's like them telling you off in their way as you have done something wrong. Amongst themselves, they have a strick code in which they follow, but they won't have a sign which they have made saying 'don't do this or I will bite you'. This is just general bunny behaviour of in which ways they treat each other.

This is like giving you a warning, telling you not to do it again. Sometimes they will be protective of their cages as it is where they live, so when you try to clean it out or rearrange it, they may give you a 'telling off'.

They may think of themselves as the boss and when they want grooming , you have to groom them. If you have your hand near them, or they come up to you and start nudging or nuzzling your hand, this is a sign of them wanting to be groomed.

In your bunny's mind, if you don't understand their 'code' then you are far too stupid (which you aren't).  Rabbits bite you to try to 'teach you a lesson' and to make sure you understand that you did something wrong.

They think of us as very large, furless bunnies who are badly behaved and need to be punished.

They think differently of how things work and what you should do, unlike a dog they don't see you as an 'owner' or 'master'.

From this post you may think of rabbits as very strange, yet they are actually highly intelligent which is why it's good to bond with your bunny and to play with them all the time.

I hope this post about why rabbits bite has given you a better understanding about them.

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