Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Weaning Process for Rabbits

Depending on the breed, the time in which you wean them can vary. Also how well they have been developing and the owners desire's and past experiences.

The age is normally in between 6-8 weeks. Yet it used to be 8-10 weeks.

The process in which I have heard is effective:

The doe and litter should be separated at one time. Yet keep the whole litter together.

The weaned rabbits should be kept together for about 2-3 weeks after weaning from their mother as the stress on weaned kits is reduced if they are kept with each other.

If you remove them all at once, it reduces the risk of mastitis in the doe.

As you remove them all at once, then the doe's milk will dry up faster as if they keep some with her, then the milk keeps stimulating.

Due to the stress of weaning and the fact the young rabbits consume a lot of solid food, they are more likely to have diarrhoea and enteritis.

Some breeders use different techniques to avoid this. For example some add an electrolyte to their water supply as this helps them to become rehydrated.

If you are requiring more advice on this topic, I would recommend you to visit your local veterinary practice as they will have some useful tips which can help you as well as they may have something they can use to help.

I hope this post about weaning process for rabbits was useful for you.

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