Sunday, 26 May 2013

Paralysis in Rabbits

This is described as the loss of ability to move a body part.

This can be hind limb paresis and that can be caused by: 

  • Trauma to the spine, pelvis or limbs
  • spondylosis or osteoarthritis 
  • damaged or ruptured vertebrae discs
  • bacterial infection
  • the roundworm parasite


  • signs or wobbliness or weakness in their hind legs
  • has occasional trouble staying upright
  • during normal activities sometimes falls over
 If your rabbit does have paralysis, then you will wan to visit the vets to find out of any treatment which they can have. If they completely can't use their back legs you may want to consider either buying them some rabbit wheels or if it may be time to put them down.

This is a very stressful topic as people can become very attached to their pets as they are companions for them, yet you have to consider what the best way is for them.

Sometimes this can be cause by a broken back leg from the way you may have handled them, or if a predator had attacked them. If thats the case, then you will have to see in ways of having their leg protected by having it checked at the vets.

This can be caused by trauma (being physically injured) or by pathogens (which is similar to a virus).

I hope this post helped you to understand paralysis in rabbits better.

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