Thursday, 21 February 2013

How to Litter Train Your Rabbit

For all those people reading this blog who own a house bunny, you may have the issue of them going to the toilet in inappropriate places like on your carpet, or somewhere they aren't supposed to go. By learning how to litter train your rabbit, you will be able to prevent this from happening, meaning a much nicer, cleaner environment for your bunny! Have a look at the information below if you are interested!

The first thing which you should do is check that your bunny is able to easily enter and exit the box without any stress, the best shape for one of these is a small dog one. The one i mean is an open one which has a part lower down for easier access. Here is a picture and a link for it:

There are many variations and this is only one example. A hooded one is much better as they keep the smell of it out of your house, but as you should be scooping it out everyday, it shouldn't be too bad anyways.

If you know they are capable of entering and exiting it, then you need something to encourage them to go in there. Sometimes what makes them go in there is by adding a bit of hay. This helps to keep their teeth at a reasonable length as well. Even if you put one of their  toys in there, that is fine too.

If your bunny has chosen a corner which is where they always seem to 'go' then put their litter box there.

Sometimes, if they pee where they aren't meant to and are going regularly in their litter-box already, then you need to clean it up really well so no scent of it is left behind, and you need to put down a few drops of vinegar (only a few!) and as they don't like the smell, they will avoid it completely not even going near this area.

Another method which you could try, is to scoop up some of their waste and to place it in their litter box and anytime they do anything other than where they are meant to, you place it into the litter box showing good behaviour.

You could also reward them with a treat after they go in the correct place as positive reinforcement is very effective on bunnies I have noticed.

I hope this post helps you to learn how to litter train your rabbit!

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