Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fleas on Rabbits

When there are fleas on rabbits, you know you need to do something. By this I mean something to get rid of them. Here is a post all about fleas in rabbits and what you can do:

You may wander when these imbeciles are going to have an impact on your bunny, and currently this is all year round. How lovely...

What you will need to do is make sure you have something which you can use on your pet which will kill the fleas and not them. Well, what I would do is talk to the vets, or the pet shop workers about what is best for my bun to treat them without making them loose their fur.

No matter what, still be cautious about what your using on them as I have heard they are still looking for the most effective way to prevent these. So the cure is still out there!

The methods of prevention include:

Flea powders
Flea dips (baths)
Flea combs
Flea collars

Flea Powders:

From what I have heard, it sounds like a fairly effective way as long as your bunny doesn't constantly lick themselves after this. These are safe-ish, just don't assume they are completely 100% safe.

Flea Dips:

Personally, I WOULDN'T recommend the flea dips as they could cause your bunny to go into shock with the water getting down to their skin, and also they can be hard to completely dry them which could be bad if you miss a spot on them.

Flea Combs:

This method won't completely kill all of them, yet will get some of them which will help. I have heard this is something which you must do. When doing this you will need to check their ears and behind their legs.

Flea Collars:

I have heard this isn't a suitable method for bunnies as they are made for larger animals and can easily give your bunny an overdose which you don't want to do. Also having this around their neck isn't nice for them as they just generally don't like it.

There are other methods but I find it is suitable to talk to a vet about what to do with your flea issue. I hope this post helps, and for any further information, I would recommend you to talk to your local vet.

Have a look below if your interested:

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