Friday, 22 February 2013

Games Rabbits Play

This species is very like human's, the games rabbits play are very similar to the ones which young children play. From my own experience and reading about it, in this post, I am going to tell you about the different activities which they do with each other and can do with you.

As you bond more with your bunny, spending lots of time with them, they will become much more friend;y and more fun to be around. Even bunnies which are generally aggressive have those activities they enjoy doing.

Hide n' Seek:

If you keep them as a house bunny, I have heard that they will run off and wait for you to go and find them and once you find them, sometimes they run off again. They could play this game for ages as it makes them happy. Even sometimes when you walk into the kitchen or go to the bathroom, they may be following you to 'find' you and then run off for you to follow.

Even in the garden, they may hop under a bush or behind a tree and when you make eye contact they may come out and hop towards you. When bunnies do activities like this, I find it gives them a character and personality making you have a stronger bond with them.

Follow the Leader:

Sometimes they do this when you have more then one bunny, yet they may follow you around instead. When they are either in their run, or in your house roaming around, they may have the 'leader' of their group going around, with the other ones copying them exactly by going through toys, hoping onto furniture or hopping around madly. This is another reason why its better to own more than one bunny as then they can communicate with each other having a companion which they do everything with.

Sometimes the games rabbits play are completely different, it may be their own game, or one of the more common ones which I may have mentioned above. Don't be worried if your bunny doesn't do any of this, this is just something which some enjoy doing more than others.

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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