Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hairballs in Rabbits

Hairballs in rabbits can lead to a very sad ending. To find out more about hairballs in rabbits, read the information below.


Usually during molting times (which is every 3 months) your bunny may loose quite a bit of fur. Some of that fur they may end up digesting which can't be very good. If they don't have a healthy diet or are suffering impaired digestion system, all of the fur that they are swallowing will collect up in their stomachs. When they have quite a bit of fur in their stomachs, it will be blocked up and lead to death.


Here is a list of symptoms for hairballs in rabbits:

Eat less and will soon stop eating

Their waste droppings will look smaller and soon won't poo at all

After they stop eating, they will look very bright and alert


They will look  very depressed


Rehydrate- If they have only been partly affected, they can have fresh greens but make sure that they are at least have something to drink.

Analgesia- This is a medication that can improve appetite and reduce stress (this will speed up recovery)

Diet- A good healthy diet will help your bunny improve and good for their health anyway

If they have stopped eating altogether, take them to an emergency vet  very fast.


Here is a list for how to keep hairballs in rabbits away:

Good diet

Ample exercise

Clean and calm environment


make sure to brush your bunny lots

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