Saturday, 16 July 2011

Heat Stress in Rabbits

Heat stress in rabbits can end up being deadly. Make sure in the hot summer days you provide them with something to cool them down and keep their hutches in the shade. Their are many ways to prevent it and for what to do t make sure that they stay a bit cooler around this time of year. For information about the symptoms, treatment and prevention, read the information below.


The cause is quite obvious, it is when a bunny becomes to warm and may have a stroke or just heat stress. This would usually happen in the summer time when the weather  is generally warmer.


The symptoms for heat stress in rabbits are:

stretched out and panting

flaring nostrils as they breathe


moister around their face and/or drooling

When their body is unable to cool down, their body temperature rises a lot and could become heat stroke.The symptoms for that is:

heavy panting


they may become confused


inability to move around. This can lead to death of your bunny.


If their body temperature reaches 104 degrees F it is recommended to seek a vet as soon as you can. If their body temperature is really high, a full recovery is poor. Once your bunny becomes overheated, quick action can determine life or death, but bring the temperature down too quickly can be dangerous. Put them immediately into some room temperature water without getting their head in their.

You have to keep their stress down and you could have a wet towel round them. Then gently rub some water into their fur to get to the skin to cool them down. You have to make sure you keep them cool until the vet sees them.  


If they are kept outside in a hutch, make sure you have it in a shaded area. Even if it is a shaded area, it can still get warm.

make sure they have lots of fresh water everyday and if you want, put some ice cubes in it as well if you want to keep the water colder for longer.

Make sure you groom them on a daily basis in the summer so they don't have any loose fur left on them. This will keep them cooler because the loose fur can give them some heat so it does help by doing this.

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