Thursday, 2 June 2011

Ear Mites in Rabbits

Ear mite in rabbits is a common parasite disease which is in domestic and wild bunnies. This infestation is also responsible for the canker (severe crusting and thick scale build up inside the ear. Read the information below to find out more information about ear mites in rabbits. 


This infestation can come from grass and hay that you buy. Also can be carried by other house animals such as cats and dogs and brought into your house and then your bunny will most likely catch it. I have heard that some of the causes are unknown. 


Here is a list of symptoms of ear mites in rabbits:

reddish/brown crusting in the ear canal

scratching ears

shaking head

ears may droop

Some mites may be visible on the crusting


mites on other parts of the body (a common spot is the the tail)


To treat and prevent this infestation from happening again, you can:

treat with mineral oil or miticides (make sure to check with your vet about the miticides)

make sure your bunny is cleaned (not bathed)

leave the crusty scabs as they will be painful for your bunny if you pull them off

thoroughly clean their hutch and environment


thoroughly clean ears with a good cleaning solution for bunnies

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