Saturday, 5 January 2013

Fleas in Rabbits

Fleas in rabbits can become a large issue, yet if found when they first have them, it can be solved quicker and harms your bunny less. They feed on their blood and reproduce quick, as of a loss of blood , they could get anemia. That is more likely to happen in younger bunnies.

A normal reaction to this is excessive scratching, as this can cause lesions on the suface of the skin and skin infections. This won't happen in all cases though.


In some bunnies, its hard to tell if they have fleas or not, they will show either few signs or none at all. Yet, here are some commonly found symptoms:

  • Constant grooming including: scratching, biting, licking and chewing
  • Bite maks on their body, or some trace that fleas have been on them (like a larvae) 
  • Fur loss
  • Scaling on their skin
  • Pale mucus membranes
  • occasionally seen is secondary bacterial infections

There are seasons when they are more commonly found, but can affect an animal at any time i the year. They can also jump from pet to pet, so if you have two in the same hutch and you think one has fleas, it's very likely that the other one has it too.


All of your animals will need to be treated (if you have more than one) as they can spread fast, and they probably all have it so its safer for all of them to be treated. You will need to spray your house and outside, to kill any larvae's which may be there, but you want to do this when no one is there as some products are toxic.

I would check with your vet to see what is best to use as there are many products which could potentially help, but you will want the one which will help the best.

Make sure to check with your vet the way to use what they have given you, as some may be harder to use than others.

Have a look at these products below if you are interested!

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