Friday, 4 January 2013

Cloudy eye in Rabbits

Cloudy eye in rabbits (aslo known as cataracts)  is when the bunnies eyes have or develop a cloudy film on the lens of an eye. It could be completely cloudy, or only partially.


Immature - This is when the lens of the eye is only part cloudy
Mature - This is when the lens of the eye is completely cloudy
Hyper-mature -  This is when the lens of the eye starts to liquify


Lens of eye is partially or fully opaque
The eye produces a discharge
The iris swells


Most commonly occurs at birth, and can suddenly become worse.
Normally related to bacterial infection
Can happen from nutritional deficiency
Can also develop with no known cause - could be from older age


The primary method would be to have surgery to remove it.
There is also various medications which can be prescribed.


There isn't a certain way to get rid of this, as there is no known cause and is always changing.

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