Sunday, 20 March 2011

Vegetables For Your Rabbit

Including vegetables for your rabbits diet is a good idea since this gives them a more balanced diet with the nutrients and vitamins included in some of the veggies. For your bunny, veggies make up a large portion of the diet. Depending on the size of them, you should be giving them between 2-4 cups of fresh veggies per day. 

If you give them too much they will leave it in their hutch and it will become mouldy and attract ants. To avoid this, remove the piece of veg as soon as you see that they have left it and feed them a bit less of the veggies. Give them small quantities throughout the day but frequently (this could also help this problem). You should try to give them a variety of veggies to eat to make them have a balanced diet. 

If you have been feeding your rabbit mainly pellets, this change to the veggies must be made gradual to allow the rabbit’s digestive system time to adjust. Only add one new veggie to the diet at a time so if the bunny has diarrhoea or other problems it will be possible to tell which one caused this. Make sure to wash the vegetables well and only feed dandelions that are known to be pesticide free (try a health food store for organically grown dandelion greens). Select a minimum of three kinds of vegetables daily. 

A variety is necessary in order to obtain the necessary nutrients with one veggie each day containing vitamin A. You can start feeding your rabbit vegetables at the age of 12 weeks. To reassure you know how old your rabbit is and when you should start feeding them vegetables, you can always ask the people or pet shop how old the pet is that you are planning on buying. Make sure you try to include a larger variety of vegetables for you rabbits!


  1. This is a great blog post and I found it very interesting and informative because before this I did not know when you could start feeding my rabbit vegetables. Now I know, thanks a lot :)!!!

  2. Your welcome I hope you come back to this blog often to find out more information! :)

  3. this site is very interesting and the pics of the rabbits are soooooo cute. LOL